The Kearney CFX 2022 report: are fashion brands ramping up their circularity game?

The clothing industry shows a wide range of services only in the history of circular economy. The Kearney Management Consulting published the “Circular Fashion Index 2022”.

10. May 2022

During the entire month of May, explore innovation and circular economy in waste management with ACR+

What are your plans for May? ACR+ will kick off an entire month dedicated to innovation and circular economy in waste management. Through several events, ACR+ will showcase some of its activities and projects fostering innovative approaches and practices to reach a circular economy.

10. May 2022

CCRI Pilot Group and Fellows: Apply to lead Europe’s circular economy transition! Deadline extended!

The CCRI aims to support Europe’s green transition by boosting circularity at local and regional level. The objective of this call is to select a group of cities, regions or territorial clusters to become the CCRI Pilot Group, which will bring together cities, regions or territorial clusters with a high potential for development in the field of the circular economy.

10. May 2022

In Trnava, on Earth Day, April 22, 2022, was presented the Municipal Material Circle

At the heart of the Municipal Material Circle (KMK) project is the local model of the circular economy. In Slovakia, City of Trnava joined the Municipal Material Circle project among the first cities.

28. April 2022

UNECE launches the CIRCULAR STEP platform for policy dialogue on circular economy

Membership of CIRCULAR STEP is free of charge for all stakeholders. Please send your request to join the platform.

28. April 2022

The Russian invasion is pushing car prices up, the era of cheap cars is coming to an end

European carmakers have had to deal with a chip crisis and a pandemic for two years now. The Russian invasion of Ukraine and inflation have also recently been added to the list of problems. These factors and European legislation are raising the prices of both electric cars and cars with internal combustion engines.

26. April 2022

Electric cars are recording record sales despite higher battery prices

In 2021, 6.75 million electric cars were sold worldwide. This is more than double compared to 2020. The rise in electric cars has not been stopped even by higher prices for lithium batteries.

22. April 2022

GLOBSEC AutoFocus Report launch x Economic Growth and Sustainability Pro

On March 29, 2022, GLOBSEC hosted the launch event of its new study “Slovakia Automotive Industry 2.0: The time is Now to Retool for the E-Mobility Era”, funded by the European Climate Foundation (ECF) and completed in collaboration with CambridgeEconometrics and the Slovak Electric Vehicle Association (SEVA).

12. April 2022

Unpacking the Circular Economy Package

On 30 March 2022 the European Commission released a set of initiatives aimed at speeding up the transition towards a circular economy.

8. April 2022

A second life for car batteries – a new research project improves eco-balance of electric mobility

The research project CircuBAT aims to create a circular business model for the production, application and recycling of lithium-ion batteries used for mobility purposes. Seven Swiss research institutions and 24 companies are joining forces to look for ways to boost sustainability in all stages of a battery’s life cycle.

5. April 2022

Circular Economy: Commission proposes new consumer rights and a ban on greenwashing

The European Commission is proposing to update the EU consumer rules to empower consumers for the green transition. The updated rules will ensure that consumers can take informed and environment-friendly choices when buying their products.

31. March 2022

Slovak carmakers may lose up to three quarters of export markets

Slovakia is facing a transformation of the automotive sector. If it does not adjust, it risks a downturn in the economy and the loss of around 85,000 jobs. However, if it manages it, it can become a leader in the electromobility sector, according to a new study by Globsec.

31. March 2022

Circular Cities and Regions Initiative

Calling out to EU cities, regions, and territorial clusters specifically. Can you contribute to the implementation of #circulareconomy in Europe? Apply to lead Europe’s circular economy transition – join the Circular Cities and Regions Initiative (CCRI) Pilot Group and Fellows.

28. March 2022

Breaking down plastic into its constituent parts

A team of ETH Zürich researchers led by Athina Anastasaki have succeeded in breaking down plastic into its molecular building blocks and in recovering over 90 percent of them. A first step towards genuine plastic recycling.

25. March 2022

Accelerator Programme for Sustainable Textile and Fashion Designers – Applications open until 19 April

Circular design plays a critical role in delivering a market for sustainable textiles and fashion. The EU-funded Fashion For Change 2022 Accelerator Programme aims to support designers, innovators and startups from the European textiles and fashion industry in this transition.

23. March 2022

Industry wants to create a cycle for plastic packaging

More than 50 organizations along the entire value chain in Switzerland have concluded and signed a pact: by 2030 they want to close the cycles for plastic packaging and beverage cartons together.

21. March 2022

Slovaks came up with a great way to use old car batteries

Slovak company ZTS – Research and Development came up with a unique project for the regeneration of used batteries from electric cars.

21. March 2022

Postdoctoral Researchers in Sustainable Circular Economy

ETH Zürich offers permanent positions for Postdoctoral Researchers in Sustainable Circular Economy.

17. March 2022

MEPs want to strengthen new EU rules for design, production and disposal of batteries

Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) say new measures for batteries are crucial for the transition to a circular and climate-neutral economy and for EU’s competitiveness and strategic autonomy.

15. March 2022

CHF 100’000 from FIT for Composite Recycling and its circular economy solution

In close collaboration with École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland, Composite Recycling has come up with a pyrolysis process to recycle and reuse composite materials from ship hulls and wind turbine blades.

15. March 2022