Project DRIVEN tackles topics related to skills development for environmentally friendly solutions in the automotive industry. Therefore it concentrates on education in topics like waste management, material re-use and new materials in the industry; it also focuses on development of skills for e-vehicles (e-mobility) industry; and last but not least, it aims to support research about the implementation of alternative fuels, and energy efficiency resources to be used in the automotive industry, all in line with the circular economy concept.


Nowadays there are dual study programs offered by higher education institutions and the industry, paying attention mostly on construction and automation processes. However, there is also a need to establish common programs focused on new materials, waste reduction and recycling, and energy efficiency. There is a continual search for improvement of products going on, however, skilled and motivated personal resources to join these efforts are still not fully available.

In a wider sense, the DRIVEN project aims to strengthen Europe┬┤s innovation capacity in the automotive industry, it fosters a shift to innovative circular and green economy studies, and also supports innovation towards this concept in business and the broader socio-economic environment. The project intends to achieve the following two points:

  1. develop new, innovative and multidisciplinary approaches to teaching and learning in study fields connected to circular and green economy in the automotive industry; and
  2. facilitate the exchange, flow and co-creation of knowledge between different types of actors in fields related to the automotive industry and circular and green economy.