Horizon Europe 2024 calls for proposals: EUR 120 million available for R&I on the circular economy

The new Horizon Europe Cluster 6 calls for proposals related to the circular economy will be open for submissions between 17 October 2023 and 22 February 2024.

5. September 2023

Circular economy: improving design and end-of-life management of cars for more resource-efficient automotive sector

On 13 July 2023 the European Commission has proposed measures to enhance the circularity of the automotive sector, covering the design, production and end-of-life treatment of vehicles.

26. July 2023

EU countries give final greenlight to new battery production rules

The EU battery regulation cleared the final hurdle in its legislative journey on 10 July 2023, as member states voted to adopt new rules aimed at making batteries produced in the EU more sustainable and competitive.

24. July 2023

The ASEAN Circular Economy Platform is now a reality

Its aim is to help ASEAN Member States achieve sustainable consumption and production by accelerating transition to a circular economy.

4. July 2023

The Ecosystem: Europe’s electrofuel companies prepare for life on the road

The decision by EU leaders to allow new cars running on fuels derived from captured carbon dioxide to be sold beyond 2035 was a coup for the auto industry.

17. May 2023

The Swiss economy is 7 % circular with growth potential

Switzerland´s Circularity Metric is at 6,9%, leaving a circularity gap of over 93%. To achieve its environmental goals, Switzerland is on the road to adopting circular economy principles.

10. May 2023

Commission consults on additional criteria for sustainable finance

The European Commission has launched a four-week feedback period, open until 3 May 2023, on a new set of EU taxonomy criteria for economic activities making a substantial contribution to environmental objectives.

21. April 2023

Fourth generation of the Cayenne also to be built in Bratislava

Porsche AG is laying the groundwork for the further electrification of its model lines: The sports car manufacturer has decided to manufacture the future all-electric Cayenne at Volkswagen Slovakia’s multi-brand location in Bratislava.

23. March 2023

8 ways the circular economy will transform how business is done

Imagine an economy where resources get used but not used up; new business strategies keep products, components and materials in the system – during and after use – and where dangerous, dirty waste is at an absolute minimum. You’ve just imagined the circular economy.

23. March 2023

Switzerland wants a circular economy – but not to share products

ETH Zurich political science researchers reveal that Swiss people are in favour of the circular economy and support measures to promote it. However, their personal willingness to contribute is low.

6. March 2023

Speech by Vice-President Šefčovič on the European Battery Alliance

European Battery Alliance discusses main challenges in the face of increasingly assertive industrial policies globally. Read the Speech by Vice-President Šefčovič on the European Battery Alliance.

3. March 2023

Owning an electric vehicle in Europe could be cheaper than you think, new research shows

New research suggests the cost of owning and running an electric vehicle in Europe has never been more affordable. Owning a fully-electric vehicle in many European countries is less expensive than petrol or diesel models, according to new data.

27. February 2023

Construction of Valaliky Industrial Park Launched with Ceremony on Monday

The construction of the Valaliky industrial park in the district of Kosice-surroundings in eastern Slovakia, where carmaker Volvo is set to be the first and largest investor, was launched with a ceremony on February 20th, 2023.

22. February 2023

The Circular Cities Declaration Report 2022 is out!

This report is the widest assessment of circular economy practices across European cities ever. It highlights how 40 European cities are becoming more circular and how the transition can be further accelerated.

22. February 2023

Sectoral Skills Intelligence and Strategy for the European Battery Sector

Don´t miss the ALBATTS insights on skills and knowledge related to RAW MATERIALS EXTRACTION & PROCESSING. Read the full report of Alliance for Batteries Technology, Training and Skills (ALBATTS).

10. February 2023

Circular Jobs Bulletin 2022

Circular Jobs Bulletin 2022 share the latest updates on the number and range of jobs we found were driving circular economy strategies last year.

3. February 2023

EU roadmap highlights key industrial technologies for the textile, construction and energy-intensive industries to become more circular

The Commission published the new European Research Area (ERA) industrial technology roadmap for circular technologies and business models. It identifies key circular technologies and innovation needs for the textile, construction and energy-intensive industries.

30. January 2023

CE Incubator kicks off with 33 sustainability startups

The jury of the Circular Economy Incubator has selected 33 projects out of 100+ applications to participate in the latest edition of the program. Divided into four categories, the startups are developing solutions for various industries, including food, textile, sharing economy, and materials.

27. January 2023

Here’s how we can turn more industries into circular economies

The circular economy is not new, but few businesses have succeeded at large-scale implementation, and even fewer have considered a complete shift of the value chain. Organizations can transform with a more holistic approach to circularity initiatives, creating more adaptable operating and business models and contributing to system-wide change.

23. January 2023

The Circularity Gap Report 2023

The Circularity Gap Report 2023 sounds the alarm: over the past years, global circularity has shrunk to 7.2%. Read the full report and learn how to drive circular transition for your business, city or nation.

17. January 2023