The social dimension must be included in new rules on sustainable products

In its July plenary the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) called on the European Commission to strengthen the social aspects of key proposals to align EU rules on sustainable products, ecodesign and sustainable textiles. The proposals are part of the new  EU’s circular economy plan.

17. August 2022

The new generation of batteries can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of electric vehicles

Fixed battery experts refer to the next generation of pre-electric batteries. According to a new study, in addition to higher safety, longer range, faster charging and a lower price, compared to current batteries, they also have a lower carbon footprint.

27. July 2022

5 ways EU scientists are making batteries better, safer, and greener

Scientists at the Joint Research Centre perform cutting-edge research for finding ways to produce better batteries and to recycle them.

22. July 2022

Study on Measuring the Application of Circular Approaches in the Construction Industry Ecosystem

In order to fully reap the benefits of circular economy, we need a good view of the application of different circular economy approaches by different stakeholders across the value chain. Deloitte will work on a study on measuring the application of circular approaches in the construction industry ecosystem for the European Commission.

20. July 2022

Scaling textile recycling in Europe – turning waste into value

Fiber-to-fiber recycling at scale could be achieved by 2030, creating a new and sustainable circular industry in Europe. The new study by McKinsey & Company illustrates the great potential of the circular economy in the textile sector.

18. July 2022

Europe’s battery industry demands clarity and consistency from ‎regulators

The EUROBAT Forum conference in Brussels on 24 June 2022 have discussed the unprecedented range of challenges facing this growing and vital European industry.

14. July 2022

BASF to build commercial scale battery recycling black mass plant in Schwarzheide, Germany

BASF will build a commercial scale battery recycling black mass plant in Schwarzheide, Germany. This investment strengthens BASF’s cathode active materials (CAM) production and recycling hub in Schwarzheide.

13. July 2022

Volvo is coming to Slovakia as fifth carmaker

The Volvo Cars automotive group has announced that it will build its third production plant in Slovakia, near Košice. The investment will amount to €1.2 billion. The plant will specialise in the production of electric vehicles.

1. July 2022

InoBat Auto announces pioneering step in battery manufacture from recycled rare-earth metals

Slovak company InoBat is delighted to announce that had reached a key milestone in the development of design capabilities, proving that recovered key materials from used batteries can be re-used in the production of new batteries.

21. June 2022

What is the circular economy and why does it matter?

The way we live now is using 60% more resources than the Earth can provide – and creating too much waste, according to experts. Switching to a circular economy is widely considered to be the way forward.

20. June 2022

EIT Circular Economy Community launches the Circular Economy Prize

Calling startups and SMEs with an innovative service, technology, or product around a circular economy.The application is now open and closes on 31 August 2022, 23:59 CET.

15. June 2022

The European Commission launches new circular economy resources for buildings professionals

The European Commission has launched new resources to help buildings professionals to start using Level(s), the EU common language framework for monitoring and assessing the sustainability performance of buildings.

15. June 2022

CBE JU work programme sets funding priorities for 2022

On June 3rd, 2022 Circular Bio-based Europe (CBE JU) published its Annual Work Programme, including information about the 2022 call for project proposals. A total of €120 million will be dedicated to advance competitive circular bio-based industries in Europe across 12 topics.

8. June 2022

Submit your event for the Circular Week 2022

The 2022 edition of Circular Week will take place from 3 to 9 October 2022. It will include workshops, debates, meetings, expert panels and matchmaking sessions for business. Submit your event and join the Circular Week 2022! Let’s find out together how to avoid gaps in circular economy!

6. June 2022

EIT Doctoral Summer School on Entrepreneurship in a Circular Economy

The EIT Doctoral School on Entrepreneurship in the Circular Economy brings together highly motivated PhD candidates from a variety of disciplines (science, design, economics, law, etc.). Apply now! Application deadline: 6 June 2022!

6. June 2022

KU Leuven opens TRANSfarm: a test centre for the development of sustainable, circular innovations

Three years after the official introduction, TRANSfarm is ready for use. Over the past years, KU Leuven’s farm complex in Lovenjoel (Bierbeek) has been transformed into a modern research centre for circular bioeconomy. The aim is to scale up and optimise innovations to put them into practice more quickly.

2. June 2022

Why the circular economy is the business opportunity of our time

Creating a circular economy is the business opportunity of our time. It strengthens local economies in a socially-inclusive way, creating far more jobs than taking the traditional linear approach to waste. Some of the most exciting possibilities for the circular economy are in the construction sector.

30. May 2022

Digitalising the circular economy: when ‘garbage in/value out’ is the goal

A recent paper sponsored by the German Environmental Ministry (BMU) looks at how big data could drive the circular economy by using a Digital Lifecyle Passport which tracks products through the circular economy.

18. May 2022

Finnish firms make advances in circular, bioeconomy products

Circular economy ideas have been taking shape in Finland, particularly in textiles, wood-based materials and foliar fertilisers.

16. May 2022

Circular Transition Indicators v3.0 – Metrics for business, by business

The WBCSD – World Business Council for Sustainable Development published the third version of its Circular Transition Indicators.

13. May 2022