Slovaks came up with a great way to use old car batteries

21. March 2022


Dubnica-based company ZTS – Research and Development came up with a unique project for the regeneration of used batteries from electric cars. After meeting the qualitative criteria of the European Union, it received funding from the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic.


They create battery modules


According to Stanislav Králik, Chairman of the Board of ZTS VV, the innovation is part of a major project of common European interest called European Battery Innovation, supported by a non-repayable financial contribution of EUR 14.9 million. It is one of 42 unique European projects.

The company ZTS VV will produce a battery module from a discarded worn-out battery with a guaranteed service life and parameters intended for priority use in the energy sector in less dynamic applications.


They will contribute to energy independence


The implementation of the project will contribute to the energy independence of Slovakia and Europe, strengthen the circular economy, bring sustainable solutions in the segment of electromobility and contribute to a significant expansion of the use of energy from renewable sources.

As Stanislav Králik stated: “Our innovations are changing the view of the usability of older electric vehicle batteries, which are unusable in the automotive world. In the fast-growing electromobility segment, they will significantly extend the life cycle of batteries and contribute to the reduction of emissions produced during the production of new cells.”

According to him, the project will also be beneficial for Slovak higher education and science. Slovak universities participate in the research and development of the project, thus creating a bridge between academic research and its practical use. The project will also contribute to the creation of dozens of jobs.


Joint European project


The project called “European Battery Innovation” was jointly prepared by Belgium, Finland, France, Greece, Croatia, Germany, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden and Italy. Twelve Member States provide funding of up to several billion euros, with public funding expected to attract billions more in private investment.



Published by CVTI