Industry wants to create a cycle for plastic packaging

21. March 2022


More than 50 organizations along the entire value chain in Switzerland have concluded and signed a pact: by 2030 they want to close the cycles for plastic packaging and beverage cartons together.

This also marks the start of the construction of a national collection system for these materials. According to a media release by Swiss Recycling, this means that in the next few years “all Swiss people will be able to return plastic packaging and beverage cartons”. The aim is a harmonized, cost- and eco-efficient, consumer-friendly and coordinated system throughout Switzerland. “The pact is an important sign that a nationally coordinated solution is coming and we are pleased that so many organizations are pulling together,” said Swiss Recycling Managing Director Patrik Geisselhardt.

There are various prerequisites for the circular economy, for example in the design of the packaging material, according to Dr. Melanie Haupt, co-managing director of the participating Redilo GmbH. “We can only fulfill this in cooperation with all players along the value chain.” Redilo and Swiss Recycling are therefore working together on building a national collection system. According to the information, they involve “everyone from manufacturers to retailers and consumers to collection points and recyclers”.



Published by CVTI