Module 9: Ecodesign and Ecoinnovations – Course 24: Fundamentals of Ecodesign

Welcome to the course on the “Fundamentals of Ecodesign,” a transformative approach to design thinking that goes beyond aesthetics and functionality. In a world where designers sometimes overlook environmental considerations in the creation of seemingly meaningless or wasteful products, Ecodesign emerges as a beacon of conscious design practice. It’s not merely a regulatory requirement but a powerful concept with far-reaching implications. Ecodesign isn’t just about compliance; it’s a philosophy that recognizes the broader utility of sustainable design. Join us as we explore the principles and strategies behind Ecodesign, empowering you to create products that are not only innovative and functional but also environmentally responsible, fostering a more sustainable future for all.

Source: Fundamentals of Ecodesign, Nenad ZRNIĆ, Miloš ĐORĐEVIĆ, 2022

The course does not cover the entire topic, but only selected chapters. The topic is explained in more detail in the scripts that are available in the outputs section tab „Innovative textbooks“.

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