Module 3: Machine component design and mechanics – Course 7: Design and calculation of machine components

Welcome to the course on “Design and Calculation of Machine Components.” In this comprehensive exploration of mechanical engineering and physics fundamentals, we lay the groundwork for engineers and physicists alike to grasp the essential principles of statics and dynamics. These principles are the cornerstone of understanding and controlling the behavior of objects, from equilibrium states to complex motion scenarios. As we journey through this course, we’ll delve into topics such as force systems, equilibrium, load analysis in beams, friction, kinematics, kinetics, and the intricate science of collisions. Whether you’re interested in predicting the effects of loads or exploring the nuances of motion, this course provides the foundational knowledge necessary for performing calculations and designing machine components effectively. Join us as we unravel the intricacies of these critical concepts, empowering you to tackle real-world engineering challenges with confidence and precision.

Source: Design and calculation of machine components, Dávid CSONKA, Gyula VASVÁRI, 2022

The course does not cover the entire topic, but only selected chapters. The topic is explained in more detail in the scripts that are available in the outputs section tab „Innovative textbooks“.

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