The Circularity Gap Report 2023

17. January 2023

The Circularity Gap Report 2023 sounds the alarm: over the past years, global circularity has shrunk to 7.2%. The world today almost exclusively relies on virgin materials, far surpassing the safe limits of the planet.

The time to reverse the overshoot is running out. To make it happen, we must cut material extraction by 30%.

This may seem a daunting task, but we can do it. The Circularity Gap Report 2023 estimates that we can fulfil our key societal needs—such as nutrition and housing—with just 70% of the materials that we currently consume.

The solutions allowing for a smooth transition to a circular economy are at hand. They are practical, implementable and based on real-world case studies collected across the globe.

For the first time, we are excited to collaborate with Deloitte to explore tangible solutions and how we can collaborate across the private and public sectors to drive systemic change.

Read the full report and learn how to drive circular transition for your business, city or nation.



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Source: Circular Slovakia;

Published by CVTI