Module 8: Electric and Autonomous Vehicles – Course 20: Introduction to electric and autonomous vehicles

Welcome to the course on “Introduction to Autonomous Vehicles,” a captivating journey into the evolution and future of self-driving automobiles. The history of autonomous vehicles is a fascinating narrative, marked by significant milestones and continuous innovation, with no definitive endpoint in sight. Modern driver assistance systems have already brought us closer to the realm of autonomous driving, making it an integral part of today’s vehicles. As we explore this course, we delve into the historical context, regulatory landscape, applications, technology accessibility, sensor technologies, perception, architecture, and the intricate processes of recognizing road boundaries, road users, and obstacles. Join us as we unravel the captivating story of autonomous vehicles, from their inception to the groundbreaking advancements that pave the way for an autonomous driving future.

Source: Introduction to autonomous vehicles, Ivan BLAGOJEVIĆ, Miloš MALJKOVIĆ, 2022

The course does not cover the entire topic, but only selected chapters. The topic is explained in more detail in the scripts that are available in the outputs section tab „Innovative textbooks“.

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