Module 8: Electric and Autonomous Vehicles – Course 23: Electrification of existing vehicles with IC engines

Welcome to the course on “Introduction to Electric Vehicles and Electrification of Existing Vehicles with Internal Combustion Engines.” In this dynamic exploration of automotive innovation, we delve into the world of Electric Vehicles (EVs), where electricity powers the drivetrain, converting it into mechanical energy through electric motors and enabling energy regeneration during braking. Furthermore, we investigate the electrification of traditional internal combustion engine vehicles, a process involving the integration of electric motors, batteries, inverters, and additional components alongside the existing engine, gearbox, exhaust system, and fuel supply infrastructure. While some solutions pair electric motors with conventional transmissions, we also delve into less common configurations. Join us as we unravel the exciting transformations happening in the realm of vehicle propulsion and the electrification of our automotive future.

Source: Electrification of existing vehicles with IC engines, Ivan BLAGOJEVIĆ, Miloš MALJKOVIĆ, 2022

The course does not cover the entire topic, but only selected chapters. The topic is explained in more detail in the scripts that are available in the outputs section tab „Innovative textbooks“.

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