Module 5: Maintenance management – Course 12: Sustainable engineering

Welcome to the course on “Sustainable Maintenance,” where we embark on a journey to comprehend the profound concept of sustainability within the realm of maintenance practices. To truly grasp the significance of sustainable maintenance, we must adopt a panoramic perspective that spans both space and time. Our Earth, a finite and self-regulating system, highlights the critical importance of preserving non-renewable resources and energy. Humanity, operating as a subsystem within this intricate system, has, at times, disrupted the natural balance, leading to unprecedented growth while depleting vital resources. As we delve into this course, we confront the root causes of contemporary global challenges – overutilization and the repercussions of disconnecting from nature’s inherent feedback mechanisms. Join us in exploring sustainable solutions and forging a path towards responsible maintenance practices that harmonize with our planet’s delicate equilibrium.

Source: Sustainable engineering, Géza CS. Nagy, 2023

The course does not cover the entire topic, but only selected chapters. The topic is explained in more detail in the scripts that are available in the outputs section tab „Innovative textbooks“.

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