Strong professional support is being created for the green automotive industry

23. July 2021

Specific international cooperation aims to improve processes in the automotive industry and reduce their impact on the environment. Currently, it will mainly support communication with the young generation and practice.

Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information together with other foreign project partners works on professional outputs that will be appreciated by students and interested companies.

The environmental issue is one of the main challenges in the industry. This is not the case with motor vehicles. Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information (CVTI SR) together with its partners from Romania, Hungary and Serbia are currently preparing outputs that will help educate young people in increasing the efficiency of car production processes with a view to the environment.

The activity is part of the international project DRIVEN. Implementation began in September 2020 and the project coordinator became CVTI SR. The project helps to build professional capacities that have an active approach to improving production processes in the automotive industry. A properly set up circular economy should thus ease the environment itself.

Five professional outputs will be prepared within the project. As specifies Barbora Baničová, a specialist for international projects from CVTI SR: „We are currently working on curricula for universities. In particular, they should take into account the dual aspect and encourage communication between students and businesses. At the same time, a study of practical examples will be created. It will focus on the use of the circular economy in the automotive industry. It will serve as a guide, thanks to which awareness of innovative production methods and research of new materials will increase.“

The circular economy and the automotive industry will be connected with new knowledge by an online platform. In addition to connecting industry with practice, it will also be a project portal and a space for sharing the needs of companies and students.

Relevant partners will also be acquainted with the outputs at the planned meetings. They will be organized across partner countries. The final conference of the project will take place in Slovakia. It will present all the outputs of the project and stimulate a broad discussion.


Source:, 18. 5. 2021