EU incubation programme for circular defence holds its first conference

19. September 2022

The Incubation Forum for Circular Economy in European Defence (IF CEED) held its first conference in Luxembourg from 5 to 7 September 2022. Some 150 defence experts from over 20 countries, met to take stock of results and discussed the way forward.

IF CEED aims to mitigate the defence sector’s environmental footprint by applying the circular economy principles of the EU’s Green Deal to the design and production of military capabilities and devices.

It is based on a community of experts coming from Defence ministries, industry, research and financial institutions and academia.

Since its launch in October 2021, the Forum has managed built up a network of several hundred of experts, working in nine different thematic areas, including critical raw materials, additive manufacturing, green procurement, spare parts management, and sustainable eco-design.

IF CEED is a two-year programme, managed by the European Defence Agency (EDA), and co-funded by the European Commission’ EU LIFE programme and the Directorate of defence of Luxembourg.


More information:

Incubation Forum for Circular Economy in European Defence (IF CEED) – 1st Annual General Conference



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