Textiles Waste Mapping & Accelerating Circularity: A webinar

Start: 1. March 2022 08:30
End: 1. March 2022
Organiser: TUV Rheinland
Organiser contact:
Event type: Webinar
Location: AustriaGermany

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An increasing number of stakeholders in the textile and garment sector are attempting to reduce their environmental impact, with circularity being one of the industry’s ultimate goals. One of the significant challenges is textile waste, of which less than 1% is recycled.

While recycling is just one aspect of circularity, it is crucial for achieving the sector’s environmental goals. In order to identify the potential for circular business practices and fabric recycling, it is important to understand the availability and usage of post-industrial and post-consumer textile waste in production and consumption countries.

During this webinar, participants will get a glimpse of ongoing initiatives and practical examples.



  1. Sustainability tales of the textile industry
  2. Textile waste handling: status quo, developments, challenges > Ibrahim Sajib, Recycle Raw
  3. Accelerating circularity with garments > Petra Schweiger, Accelerating Circularity
  4. Understanding the potential of textile waste > Massimiliano Tropeano, GIZ
  5. Mapping fabric waste streams, its stakeholders and the regulatory framework > Fatema Jahan, TUV Rheinland
  6. Q&A


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