Join the European Commission at Ecomondo 2022

Start: 8. November 2022
End: 11. November 2022
Organiser: European Commission
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Event type: Workshop



The European Commission is taking part in Ecomondo 2022 to bring visitors up to speed with the latest European funding opportunities for the circular economy. This year the European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA), the European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA) and the European Research Executive Agency (REA), representing the European Commission, joined forces to participate with several activities:

  • Workshops and events
  • Joint EU Stand with three Executive Agencies
  • Projects and companies pitches
  • One-to-EU meeting with European Commission representatives

At the stand EU funded projects from the three different Agencies will showcase their results and solutions. You will also have the chance to meet European Commission representatives for one-to-one meetings on funding opportunities.

Workshops and events

The Executive Agencies are organising five events about European funding opportunities, the new EMFAF blue careers call, the launch of the new Advisory Service Green Assist and much more. Find out more about the eventsSearch for available translations of the preceding link.

One-to-EU meetings

Book now a slot with European Commission experts dealing with one of the several funding programmes that the Agencies implement. You will get useful insights into the funding opportunities available and the application process.

European projects

At the EU Stand Ecomondo visitors will have the chance to hear directly from successful projects and companies about how European funds helped bring their innovative ideas to life.

Have a look below at the EU projects managed by CINEA that will be present at the stand.

8 November, Tuesday


The project, funded under LIFE, aims to demonstrate the value and potential of hop post-harvest biomass, combining bioplastic twining materials with new ways to use hop crop waste in packaging and horticulture products.

LIFE Plants for Plants

The project, funded under LIFE, aims to introduce new plant-derived biostimulants into conventional agriculture, significantly reducing the amount of nutrients, water and pesticides needed to grow.


The project, funded under CEF Transport, concerns the ports of Ravenna, Venezia, Trieste and Koper. It consists of studies aiming to improve maritime accessibility, increase the intermodality of transport between rail and the maritime modes and to prepare for the installation of On-shore Power Supply (OPS) for ships at berth.


The project, funded under EMFAF, demonstrated an innovative mooring solution in a full-scale FPV park, 50% more cost efficient compared to standard solutions and directly contributing to the EU clean energy transition.


The project, funded under EMFAF, aims at innovating blue careers and filling the gap between industry and education, by helping maritime professionals develop entrepreneurial skills and design thinking in projects.

9 November, Wednesday

LIFE RecycleYourBoots

The project, funded under LIFE, aims to close the loop between dismantled ski boots (now disposed of through landfills) and recycled plastic products by regenerating polymers for a new market niche.


The project, funded under EMFAF, demonstrated an innovative mooring solution in a full-scale FPV park, 63% more cost efficient compared to standard solutions and directly contributing to the EU clean energy transition.


The project’s ambition is to make electric cars more sustainable, lightweight and efficient through an eco-design approach using advanced materials. The project has been funded under Horizon 2020 Transport.


The project, funded under EMFAF, was an education and training project focusing on careers in safety and security issues related to ships and offshore platforms. This project will not be present at the Stand, but will speak during the Blue skills and careers session.

10 November, Thursday


The project, funded under LIFE, developed and demonstrated a highly-innovative technology that allows the direct conversion of heat generated by industrial processes into electricity.


The project, funded under LIFE, will contribute to the reduction of transport-related air pollution in the EU by shifting freight volumes from road to more sustainable rail transportation and by introducing an integrated solution for facilitating intermodal transports by SMEs for the first time.


The project, funded under Horizon 2020 Transport, aims to demonstrate automotive components, using polymer solutions that feature optimised recycled materials in order to increase light-weighting opportunities that extend the range and efficiency of Electric Vehicles and improve end-of-life separation of components.

11 November, Friday


The project, funded under LIFE, successfully developed innovative roof tiles that can passively remove heat, so reducing energy consumption for the cooling of buildings by up to 50%. The tiles were introduced into the market soon after the project ended.


The project, funded under LIFE, produced a new material from deinked pulp (from recycled newspapers), recycled polypropylene and polyethylene for the packaging, automotive and construction industries.


The project, funded under EMFAF, addresses the lack of full digitalisation in the aquaculture sector, by exploiting innovative Internet of Underwater Things Technologies and integrating them with last-generation miniaturized wearable sensors to be placed on each fish.

Here you can find more projects from REA and EISMEA.

More information about EC participation on Ecomondo’s website.



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