Identifying the circularity gaps of the European Critical Raw Materials Act

Start: 8. November 2023 09:00
End: 8. November 2023 16:00
Organiser contact:
Event type: Webinar
Location: Netherlands

To deliver a net-zero Europe by 2050 – implying expanding clean technologies such as electric vehicles (EVs), batteries, solar panels and wind turbines – the EU will need a substantial amount of critical raw materials (CRMs) to meet the expected future demand.

In this context, on 16 March 2023, the European Commission published its proposal for a European Critical Raw Material Act (ECRMA) to safeguard the green and digital transitions by securing a stable and strategic supply of CRMs for domestic production.

The ECRMA proposal sets out four main targets to be achieved by 2030 regarding the origin of EU consumption of strategic raw materials (SRMs). However, increasing the EU’s recycling rate of CRMs to 15% by 2030 will require substantial efforts to bridge the gap between current-day recycling rates for many CRMs and the proposed target. Hence the need to scale up circular economy policies throughout the clean technology supply chains.

During the event IEEP will share insights from recent research on the “circularity gaps” of the ECRMA and facilitate an engaging panel discussion with experts working on CRMs, sustainability and circularity.

Some of the questions that this hybrid event on Wednesday 8 November 2023 (10.30-12.00 CET) at the Press Club (Rue Froissart 95, 1040 Brussels) aims to answer:

  • What circular economy-related elements are integrated into the ECRMA?
  • Where does the EU stand and where are the major gaps concerning recycling rates of CRMs?
  • What measures could close the gaps and increase domestic recycling rates of CRMs?
  • What circular economy policies could support the delivery of the ECRMA objectives?

For more information about the event, contact this email address.