EUROBAT Battery Innovation Roadmap 2.0 webinar

Start: 15. November 2022 14:00
End: 15. November 2022 15:30
Organiser: INOBAT
Organiser contact:
Event type: Webinar

Join us on 15 November 2022 to learn about the innovation potential of the latest battery technologies and how batteries will contribute to the achievement of the EU’s ambitious decarbonisation agenda.

The European Commission’s Jens Bartholmes will give the keynote speech at the EUROBAT ‘Battery Innovation Roadmap 2.0’ webinar on 15 November 2022.

Batteries are an essential component in a multitude of applications, from ‎automotive and energy storage to telecoms and healthcare, and will play a ‎crucial role in the transition to net zero in Europe. All battery ‎chemistries are critical for our low carbon future and all battery technologies ‎are key enablers of the European Green Deal. Europe needs a regulatory ‎framework that supports innovation and treats all battery technologies equally, ‎as well as providing a level playing field with batteries produced outside ‎Europe.‎

Our “Battery Innovation Roadmap 2030 2.0” White Paper is an update of ‎the original 2020 publication, accounting for the latest technological ‎developments and changes in the EU’s policy objectives. The revised Roadmap reflects the technological realities and potential of the best available battery technologies and how they can contribute to the EU’s decarbonisation agenda.


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Event Programme:


14:00-14:05      Welcome and introduction


14:05-14:15      Keynote speech

  • Jens Bartholmes, Policy Officer, Innovation, Research, Digitalisation, Competitiveness (ENER.B.5), European Commission

14:15-14:55      Presentation of the EUROBAT Battery Innovation Roadmap 2.0

  • Bernhard Riegel, Director Research & Development, Hoppecke
  • Christian Rosenkranz, Vice President Industry & Government Affairs EMEA, Clarios
  • Holger Fricke, Director Basic Research R&D EMEA, Exide
  • Valentin Rota, Director Sales and Business Development – Maik Cordes, Vice President Automotive, Freyr
  • Andrea Saletti, Technical Director, Midac


14:55-15:15      Panel debate


15:15-15:25      Q&A


15:25-15:30      Concluding remarks


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