Circularity Gap Report 2022: Unleash the power of the Circular Economy

Start: 19. January 2022 14:00
End: 19. January 2022 15:00
Organiser: CIRCL
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Event type: Congress

Join us for the launch of the fifth annual Circularity Gap Report to learn how any business, city or nation can unleash the power of the circular economy.

Our world is only 8.6% circular. This means that we waste more than 90% of all materials in use, while we continue to extract from the earth.

To safeguard the future of our planet and its people, we must do better. And we can: the circular economy offers solutions that can limit global warming, safeguard our finite natural resources and boost equitable societies. In this world where over 91% of all the materials we use are either wasted or lost, we have a huge opportunity to do better.

This year, we are celebrating five years of Circle Economy’s Circularity Gap Reports. During this launch event, the speakers will look back at the evolution of the circular economy over the past ten years. And, based on five years of deep Gap Report analysis, they will demonstrate how we can keep the world on a 1.5-degree pathway and mitigate the worst impacts of climate breakdown with practical solutions.

Furthermore, we will also deep dive into real-world examples of the circular economy in practice, and consider the methods we can use to scale these examples around the world.

Armed with this knowledge, any business, city or nation can unleash the power of the circular economy. Join us!


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