Circular Economy Hotspot 2022

Start: 12. September 2022
End: 14. September 2022
Organiser contact:
Event type: summit
Location: Bottrop


Since 2016, the Circular Economy Hotspot has been held as an annual summit, inviting world-renowned experts and delegates from business, politics, science and public initiatives.

In 2022, the event will take place in Germany for the first time. From 12 to 14 September, 2022 the Circular Economy Hotspot will be held in Bottrop, a former mining town and the current InnovationCity.

Supported by the regional Ministry of Economics, Innovation, Digitalisation and Energy and under the patronage of the Minister for Economic Affairs, Andreas Pinkwart, it is organised by the City of Bottrop and the experts of Prosperkolleg, a research venture focused on the circular economy.

The Ruhr Area has historical significance: for centuries, the mining industry and the extraction of coal and other fossil fuels were the driving force of the regional economy. Today, Bottrop and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia aspire to become one of the greenest industrial regions in the world thanks to circular industrial solutions.

During the event, the top subjects will be:

  • circular economy,
  • conservation of resources, and
  • efficiency enhancement.

The event will highlight questions such as:

  • What is the driving force behind the transformation process?
  • How can this process be financed and delivered?
  • How can recyclable products and business models shape the industrial market?

These questions will be addressed on the basis of practical examples, workshops and panel discussions.


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