Circular Cities Week 2021

Start: 25. October 2021
End: 31. October 2021
Organiser: Circular Economy Club (CEC)
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Join the 3rd CEC #CircularCities Week and help gain commitment from an impactful sector in your city to move towards circularity.

The CEC “Circular Cities Week 2021” (25-31 October 2021) is the 3rd edition of an annual, decentralized global event taking place alongside the UN World Cities Day.

The CEC envisions a world in which every city in every country functions and prospers through circularity, ending the age of waste. An ambitious goal such as this requires clarity and clearly defined deadlines. “Circular Cities Week” provides this critical framework.
This year, the condensed timeframe of “Circular Cities Week” encourages a sense of urgency and purpose designed to help specific sectors to issue a “Joint Statement committing to start embedding circularity. The objectives of the week are two-fold;
  • Push for relevant sectors in cities around the world to issue a “joint statement” committing to go circular, and
  • Raise awareness about the potential for the circular economy framework to build more resilient sectors and therefore cities, especially considering the current COVID-19 pandemic.

CEC City Leaders worldwide are creating their local event with the help of the CEC Toolkit, a step-by-step guide on how to organize a useful and impactful session.


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