Action plan

Leading organization: Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information

Participating organizations: University of Pécs, National Institute of Research – Development in Mechatronics and Measurement technique Bucharest, University of Belgrade

End date: 28.2.2023

Description: A set of policies and strategies regarding dual education in the automotive industry, informed by circular economy aspects. In more concrete terms, we aim for an action plan on implementation of the concept of circular economy, applied in the automotive industry, in order to develop education and training systems that enable employment and mobility of the workforce in the respective field. The output will be a summary of recommendations for the transnational authorities, comprising of measures proposed to be adopted in the areas of cross-border transfer of dual education elements, system changes and active measures, which can be carried out in the respective countries (but not solely), all this based on the identified issues and challenges.


Action plan: Concept of Circular Economy applied in the automotive industry