Lesson 7: Life-Cycle Assessment using software

Discover the software tools used for conducting Life Cycle Assessments.


  • Conducting a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) involves choosing the right software tool.
  • Tool selection depends on objectives, scope, data accessibility, and the target audience.


  • SimaPro:
    • Features a large environmental impacts and materials database.
    • Allows customization to specific needs.
  • OpenLCA:
    • Open-source software, free to use and modifiable by users.
  • GaBi:
    • Enables modeling and analysis of environmental impacts for products and processes.
    • Offers a comprehensive materials and impacts database.
  • Umberto:
    • Focuses on modeling material and energy flows in production processes.
    • Provides various modules for different analyses, including LCA.
  • Brightway2:
    • An open-source LCA tool for modeling and analyzing environmental impacts.
    • Includes a database of environmental impacts and materials.
  • Ecoinvent:
    • A comprehensive database with extensive data on environmental impacts and material flows.
    • Often used in conjunction with other software tools.


  1. The choice of LCA software depends on the LCA’s objectives, scope, data accessibility, and audience.
  2. Specialized tools like SimaPro, OpenLCA, and GaBi offer flexibility, accuracy, and data handling capabilities.
  3. Open-source tools like Umberto and Brightway2 are valuable for smaller-scale LCAs or data-limited scenarios.
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