Lesson 6 – Green public procurement (GPP)

Green Procurement in the EU is one of the biggest tools for achieving goals Green Project Management. GPP is a special form of public procurement, in which requirements are applied in its relevant steps to ensure that the subject matter of the contract, including activities related to its delivery, assembly, installation, operation, will have a favourable or at least a more favourable impact on environment, as in the case of products with comparable functional or performance parameters, where environmental impact is not normally taken into account.

Benefits of GPP

The advantages of GPP can be seen in the fulfilment of special goals and tasks in the area of the environment (reducing CO2 emissions, energy efficiency and preservation of natural resources), cost savings, strengthening of trust in public administration on the part of citizens, businesses and civil society companies, promoting innovation and supporting the development of competitive ecological goods and services and expanding the market for these goods and services, creation of healthier working conditions for employees and in construction capacity for public organizations to meet challenges in the area of livelihood environment and resources.


Fig 7  Benefits of Green Public Procurement  Available at: https://www.collidu.com/presentation-green-public-procurement

Lesson 6, Inspired by: https://ec.europa.eu/environment/gpp/benefits_en.htm


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