Lesson 9: Robotic waste recycling system

The robotic waste recycling system are centralized in Table 6.2.

Table 6.2_Robotic Waste Recycling System [72]

Examples of robotics in the waste management sector [[i]]:

  • Apple (USA): The robot Daisy dismantles up to 1.2 million used iPhones per year enabling the recycling of the used materials including tin, aluminium and cobalt which is essential for building batteries (Apple, 2020).
  • BHS (USA): MAX AI is a robot that is able to identify and sort recyclables through a vision system which is continuously improved by AI (BHS, 2020).
  • Remeo and Zen Robotics (Finland): Robotic waste sorting station based on image recognition and IR scanning. One robotic arm can pick more than 2,000 items per hour increasing its precision (often over 90%) in a learning process (Zen Robotics, 2020).
  • Refind Industries (Sweden): Machine that sorts common batteries based on their material. Can sort up to 500 kgs per hour with a 97% precision using AI (Refind Industries, 2020).
  • Autowise.ai (China), Enway (Germany): autonomous, self-driving street sweepers (Autowise.ai, 2020, ENWAY, 2020)
  • Volvo Group and Renova (Sweden): autonomous, self-driving refuse truck (Volvo Group, 2020).

[[i]] Digital waste management Eionet Report, September 2020  – ETC/WMGE 2020/4 https://www.eionet.europa.eu/etcs/etc-wmge/products/etc-wmge-reports/digital-waste-management

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