QUIZ_Introduction – Wastes in the automotive industry

M6_1_QUIZ_Introduction– Wastes in the automotive industry

Please answer the following questions briefly:

  1. What is the automotive industry?
  2. What are the Key Segments in Automotive Industry?
  3. What is the Automotive Industry Value Chain?
  4. What are the Automotive Industry Resources?
  5. What are the Key Terms in Automotive Industry?
  6. What are the Competitive Advantage in Automotive Industry?
  7. What are the so-called megatrends in the automotive industry?
  8. What are the challenges of automotive industry?
  9. What ELV Directive prohibits?
  10. What is the management hierarchy regarding the disposal of car waste?
  11. What are the types of waste?
  12. What are ELVs called?
  13. How many categories of ELVs are?
  14. What is the cradle to cradle life cycle?
  15. What are the recycling operations of old vehicles?
  16. How is metal sorting done?
  17. How is recycled glass?
  18. What is obtained by recycling catalytic converters?
  19. What are used tires and how can they be recycled?
  20. What are the Challenges for BEV?
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